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Checklist if you want to build a website:

  1. It's possible: I think it's great to publish online and it is possible for everyone. I offer my experience especially for small projects where I can do analysing, designing of User Interface and database, programming and testing. Most important is the content and what you want.
  2. Content: Do you have content for your website : text, photos, videos, music, ...
  3. Style: Which style do you prefer, what is the purpose, target group, vision, character, requirements of the website (e.g. colors you like, you can choose with a color picker).
  4. Logo/favicon: Do you have preferences for the menu, logo, favicon, footer, header, side menu
  5. URL-address: Each website has a url address. Do you have an address in mind? Check if it is not already taken
  6. Hosting: Each website is published from a server computer (publishing from your own computer is not recommended). Do you prefer a certain hosting provider (consider the price, availability of the network, quality of bandwidth, copyright of your content, advertising, commercial/technical support, hosting plan, security, location,1-click installation of CMSs... ). You can also publish from my server with your own password
  7. Do you need a DV, OV or EV SSL certificate (Domain Validated certificates verify the owner of a URL, whereas Organization Validated certificates also verify the business organization affiliated with the URL), the link in the footer with legal info (privacy policy, cookie policy, terms and conditions,...), do you want the website to be only accessible with a password, do you want SEO or SEA (search engine optimization/advertising for more visitors or to score better in the ranking of the search engines), do you want to advertise on your website?
  8. Payment: I am a member of Smart Coöperatie to legally work freelance. I study web design for 5 years and I am still studying. I prefer to work for a per-project-price. If I can't achieve the result or the result isn't as agreed upon, I don't ask any money. If you prefer to pay by the hour, than I ask 15€/hour.
  9. I can: I can make a website with a (free or payed) CMS, a tailor-made website with the computer languages that I know or a combination of both. I can explain you or write a documentation about how to maintain the website.
  10. Work-flow: I shall then make a quick first design, after which you can choose corrections, improvements, directions or stoppage

Advertising or selling something on your website

I personally don't like advertisment on my own website nor on other websites but it is of course possible to add them and to earn money like that. If you search with your search engine for 'affiliate programs' you will find many companies who offer them. Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy whereby a business rewards his affiliates for each customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. For instance if you add a Special Link to one of the Amazon products on your website, then Amazon will pay you fees when a customer comes through the Link on your Site to an Amazon Site and during the following session, purchases a Product or add the Product to his or her shopping cart and complete the order for that Product no later than 89 days after their initial click-through of the Special Link.
You can offer products or services on your website. By integrating Ecommerce Plugins (helper applications, extensions, integrations, addons) to your website you can extend the standard functionality of a web browser to simplify your business. There are plugins for accounting, marketing, shipping, verify bank IDs, displaying maps, ... If you want to accept debit or credit card payments on your website, you will need a Payment Service Provider like Ingenico, payrexx, MultiSavepay, ,... A PSP is a much broader term than a payment gateway. A credit card payment gateway allows your customers to submit payment information via the web and allows you to accept credit card payments online, the online transaction occurs through a secure hosted payment form on your website or through an integrated shopping cart. Once the customer submits his or her order, the encrypted payment goes to the payment gateway, then to the payment processor, and through the credit card network and to the customers credit card issuer for authorization. You will also need a merchant account that are contracts between a retailer and a credit card processing company that lets your business accept multiple forms of payment. If you want to provide for online payment, it will also be required to have a secure checkout process on your website e.g. by a high-quality SSL certificate, visible for your costumers by the 's' in https. SSL Certificate Installation is mostly an option in the configuration section of the hosting control panel. You will also need to create a Privacy Policy and Return Policy.

Website with password

You can password protect a website e.g. while it is still under construction. To see it already click on LOG IN. The username is 'sponsor' and the password is '378KeySite'.

E-Commerce table with input 🛒

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You can publish any tangible physical publication also online. An e-publication is much cheaper to produce and purchase, you can easily look up something, you can convert to large script or braille and it takes up no physical space. To ensure that the online publication can be read smoothly at any kind of device, it is best to convert the texts and layout to reflowable HTML. However if you want to send the publication online for printing or if a precise layout is required, a fixed layout format is more suitable. You can publish a book yourself or through an online publisher. If you don't want to offer a publication for free, you can use DRM technology (Digital Rights Management) to give only access to devices and users who bought a license or to limit copying and printing to 1 or a certain number of times.