Websites I made with a CMS

With Weebly
Made with Weebly
With Joomla
Made with Joomla
With Moodle
Made with phpBookingCalendar
With W3Schools
Made with Bootstrap and W3Schools
With CMS made simple
Made with RocketCake WYSIWYG editor
With Wordpress
Made with Wordpress
With Wordpress
Made with Drupal
With MyBB
Made with MyBB
With Google Sites
Made with Google Sites

The websites above are not made by hand coding but with a website creation tool. This is software that offers a dashboard where you can build a website without knowing computer languages. You can usually choose from many templates and add plugins to suit your preferences or needs. They can be slower because of excess software. Website builders and Content Management Systems (CMS) are 2 website creation tools. CMSs can be downloaded and installed often free of charge (sometimes with 1 click). Web builders often include free hosting and domain name., Weebly,...) are webbuilers, Wordpress, Joomla, MyBB are CMSs. Hand-coded websites are fully customizable, a CMS is less customizable (unless it’s a custom CMS) and a website builder is the least customizable.