Buttons and Links

I am not
a button
I am a
LINK button
that loads
in a frame
I ama link too Buttons induce actions, Links lead to other pages
fence text ball

Libraries are code
written by others
that you connect
with your own code

Bibliotheek jQuery:



Drop here

This website is tailor made (without a CMS) in the programming languages HTML (for the content), CSS (for the styling), JavaScript (for the animation), PHP (for the input) and Python (for the datascience and electro). HTML, CSS and JavaScript are installed on every home computer while server-side languages like PHP and Python are installed, along with a web server and database, on the computer that publishes the website. Many languages have libraries and frameworks to simplify the programming. For the icons on this page, I used the FontAwesome and Bootstrap Library and Unicode (a unique number for more than 136000 universally adopted characters). When you click a button, something happens on the screen. If you click on a link you go to another screen or window. A link is usually blue underlined, but there are also links that look like a button. This website is checked with the W3C HTML and CSS Validator and has no errors. Valid CSS!