Electronic and electrical devices

Computer languages are not only used to build websites or applications but also to program Electronic devices. Microships are electrical components (transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors and their connections) integrated in 1 little piece of silicon crystal that contains software. An embedded system is a microcontroller (CPU, Memory, I/O) or microprocessor (CPU) with a dedicated function embedded in another device. I can use the languages MicroPhyton or C to programm Microprocessors. I use the Raspberry Py Pico Microcontroller (price:4€; size:5cmx2cm), Raspberry Pi 3B (small single board computer (price:35€; size:6cmx8cm) and NUCLEO-F091RC (15€) to practice. They have GPIO pins that you can connect to sensors, lights, motors, expansion boards,...and that you can configure for input/output, low/high volt or PWM (Pulse width Modulation). To make electrons flow you need a closed, conductive circuit with an energy source.