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The difference between a website, an App(lication) and an API is:
*A website presents information, has little interaction and requires an online connection.
*An application provides functionality and/or a lot of interaction. An application can be a desktop application (downloaded and installed on the computer of the user) or a web application (needs an internet connection).
* APIs (Application Programming Interface) allow applications to interact with an external service using a set of commands. See rapidAPI for a list of existing APIs. An important category of apis are the open data apis which make data available to everyone. Below two examples that make use of APIs namely the Exchangerate-api and the OpenWeather Ltd.


Automatic actualisation on Thu, 25 Jul 2024 2021

The exchange rate is: 1 EUR = 1.0841 USD
The amount in Amerikaanse dollar is: 0$

The exchange rate is: 1 EUR = 0.8401 GBP
The amount in Britse pound is: 0£

The exchange rate is: 1 EUR = 7.8828 CNY
The amount in Chinese yuan is: 0¥

The exchange rate is: 1 EUR = 1751.0447 NGN
The amount in Nigeriaanse naira is: 0₦

Climate Data

Right mouse click on google maps for the
exact coordinates or google 'cityname' coordinates

nog geen diagnose

Koolmonoxide: μg/m3
Stikstofmonoxide: μg/m3
Stikstofdioxide: μg/m3
Ozon: μg/m3
Zwaveldioxide: μg/m3
Fijne stof: μg/m3
Grove deeltjes: μg/m3
Ammoniak: μg/m3

Game with shapes

Multiplication Tables

100 Igbo words

Igbo is the native language of the Igbo people, an ethnic group from eastern Nigeria

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